What moisturizing treatment for my body?

In cream, spray or gel, moisturizing is the indispensable ally to stop the sensations of discomfort and keep the skin soft. Follow our advice to find the one that will suit you.

Moisturizing your body every day is an essential ritual, not to be missed under any circumstances. When the skin Itchys, stings or appears dry, the moisturizing treatment will come to relieve it and regenerate it. Milk, mist, oil or even jelly… It exists in all forms and is usually used at the exit of the shower.

To each care, its specificity
Every moisturizing treatment has its own little plus. Practical, scenting, easy to apply, special ultra-dry skins or even effect 100% satin… There’s a taste for everyone. At the heart of these nourishing formulas is a mixture of butter (shea, Cocoa, Cupuaçu, mango, Almond, Kokum…) and vegetable oils (coconut, argan, avocado, sweet almond…). Once applied, these treatments allow the skin to keep a good hydration rate and thus avoid tightness.

The right gestures of hydration
First we start by heating the care between the palms of his hands. Then gently spread it over the area to be hydrated. From bottom to top, with gentle gestures. When you reach rounded areas such as the buttocks or hips, perform circular movements clockwise.

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