Before make you a permanent tattoo, it is important to be well informed on the subject. Here are our tips and tricks to make this time important and decisive (because Yes, it’s for life!) is engraved in your memory, in addition to your skin.
Tattoo is a Tahitian word meaning “drawing of the spirit.” A word that close you the order not to rush and get a tattoo on a whim!

Before the Act, read our tips and advice for this unforgettable moment as calmly as possible.

Why do you tattoo?

Think carefully about your desire to be sure I do not regret it. Why do you tattoo? To follow the trend? Go your way. To mark a step is important to your life, a souvenir? You are on the right track…
Would what you wear? Do not hesitate to draw yourself your tattoo (no one will judge your drawing, everyone is not called Michelangelo) or to find examples on the Internet, in a book, or tattoos of stars…
The goal? Clearly express your desire to your tattoo artist that will change the design at your convenience to make it truly unique.

What are the most sensitive areas for a tattoo?

Remember that some parts are much more sensitive than others. The less painful are outside of the arm, the upper back by avoiding the spine, shoulders, calves or even… buttocks!

The most painful areas? The sides, neck, armpits, feet, and hands. Here is a diagram to better understand… The green areas are the less painful those sensitive Red!

If you are frightened by the pain, there are anesthetic creams. However, these change the structure of the skin and are not recommended! The tattoo could be less accurate or distorted. Conclusion: courage! It’s not so terrible to be tattooed and the result is worth it…

Ask yourself the question: this may be a gene for a job? If Yes, prefer an area that you hide easily to work. Also think about areas that may deform as the belly if you want to have kids…
The best advice? Take your time! To think about a pattern that suits you perfectly but also to choose the right tattoo artist.

Do not hesitate to ask your loved ones already tattooed, you learn about forums… or even to go to the world of tattoo! The show takes place every year and brings together the best tattoo artists in the world. You can ask all the necessary questions and even enjoy to spend in their capable hands.

The days before your appointment: physical and mental preparation.

Prepare yourself mentally: a tattoo is an important step, we must be conscious. But it must also remain a happy memory, so try to de-stress you to the maximum!

Prepare physically: there are supplements that prepare you at best. Cure in homeopathy, zinc or vitamin C, talk to your doctor that direct you to the ideal soft solution according to your needs.

The days preceding your tattoo appointment, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Eat balanced and reduce your alcohol consumption. Avoid drugs that simplify the blood (like aspirin) for obvious reasons and think about well moisturize your skin on the affected area.
Attention: a tired body supports much less pain: the skin swells, bleeds a lot more and rejects the tattoo more easily. So to avoid the night before to do an all-nighter (give your crazy night two days later).

The BIG day : good reflexes

Take a real breakfast to avoid hypoglycemia or low blood pressure. Today, everything is permitted: the toast Nutella and other croissants!

Listen to your tattoo artist to follow his advice and bring a relative, indeed soothing 100% effective!

Remember, even if your tattoo is canon (we do not doubt), it is primarily an open wound that must take great care.

The healing phase lasts two to three weeks (approximately), while here, your tattoo will Peel and crusts might appear. Don’t worry, it’s not serious and even, perfectly normal!

Two to four times a day, it is important to clean your tattoo and to moisturize. It is necessary to use the right products for this:

washing a respectful the PH of your skin antiseptic (intimate hygiene soaps are perfect). The top? That it contains active ingredients help the healing as the hemostats or emollients.
a moisturizing and healing cream which helps avoid inflammation. For example, the cream Cicaplast of La Roche Posay that is not fat.
Apply cream generously on your tattoo and massage gently to penetrate!
Here, you are now ready to take the plunge 🙂 !

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