Which sport to choose to tone and bend your butt?

Which sport to choose to tone and bend your butt? Here are 10 options for a muscular, bounced and really slim buttocks.

Not only the large gluts are solicited in resistance, so longer, but the whole of the dorsal muscular chain also, which ensures the maintenance.

The results will be impressive, especially for a large carved buttocks, as long as you pedal the butt raised above the saddle. This position makes the whole muscle chain work and will give you Cannon butt.

This sport is perfect to bomber your butt! To move forward, you have to push your legs outward. This movement does everything. It makes the thighs and the buttocks work for a visible result in just a few sessions.

This is the activity par excellence to sculpt his buttocks! While waiting for the opposing team’s service, the legs are flexed (slightly apart) for a few seconds before embarking on the ball. This muscle squat movement and curve the gluts in depth.

It’s a nice sport that muscle the thighs and buttocks. The fact of tightening the thighs and having to keep the back very upright makes work the top of the buttocks and the curved.

Each session mainly makes the muscles of the thighs and calves work, thanks to slit exercises, knee bends and small impulses. But practiced regularly, the step helps to lose weight of the buttocks. This exercise will intensify fat loss and bodybuilding at the gluts level. Attention all the same, for use too intense, this activity can cause problems at the knees and back.

The movements are mild, and do not traumatize the joints, nor the muscles. On the contrary, the water aerobics helps to avoid aches, clicks, stretching, while activating the blood circulation. By making the proper movements, the muscular capacity is strengthened, the silhouette and buttocks improved. By using the water and its strength, all the exercises practiced allow intensive training by attaching to the buttocks to operate each muscle with dynamic exercises.

A super buttocks thanks to the hike, it is possible! Especially if you’re in the mountains. Indeed the slope increases the muscular work of the buttocks.
The base position (bent legs, slightly apart) keeps the small and medium gluts. They are constantly being solicited and are heavily muscling. In addition, the dance really blends the useful with the pleasant.

Gliding sports (rollerblading, skiing, surfing), are based on flexion/extensions, and are therefore powerful assets in our quest for firmness. If Alpine skiing is not suitable for you, try cross country skiing. It is even more effective to make the lower body work.

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