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In the Face of smoking cessation, women and men do not have the same chance of success. Women are at a disadvantage. Here are the reasons.

The National Institute of Drug abuse, an American addictions agency, estimates that women have a 31% less chance of quitting than men.

The study was conducted with 177 smokers to whom the researchers showed series of images for two weeks.

These images were divided into three themes: smoking, stress and neutral.

Women have more stress

The analysis of the reactions of smokers and smokers to these images shows that smokers have more stress, more negative emotions and a need for fumerune cigarette more important after viewing a stressful image than men.

Indeed, women smoke more when they are stressed than men and have 31% less chance of successful smoking cessation, also because they are less receptive to substitutes nicotinic.

No more cigarettes smoked in a day

If women smoke more in response to stress, they do not smoke more in the day than men. Just stress makes them smoke earlier.

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