Why use a Facial Sauna and How to Choose It?

Taking care of one’s skin does not always seem easy and yet there are natural methods that have proven their worth. The facial sauna is one of these methods. Although still unknown, it plays an essential role in preparing the skin for various treatments such as scrubs or detoxifying treatment. The facial sauna also allows you to make a good facial preparation before tackling the thorny problem of blackheads.

What is a facial sauna?
First of all, let’s make the presentations. What is the facial sauna? A facial sauna is a small portable device that simply uses steam to dilate the pores of the skin at the level of the face. How does it work? It’s very simple and especially fast because the operation does not take more than fifteen minutes. The skin must be cleaned properly beforehand. Of course, exit the makeup. The unit then receives water that it will heat in order to turn it into steam. The face, placed in the designated location, actually receives this vapor which will quickly open the pores of the skin in a completely natural way.

This is interesting because it prepares the skin optimally and facilitates the extraction of impurities such as blackheads. In practical terms, the portable sauna is used about every fortnight. Every week if you have oily skin. The interest of using this device instead of simply placing yourself on top of a pan with a towel on the head is precisely the fact that this treatment is localized but above all, the temperature of the steam that arrives on the face is then perfectly Controlled. No risk of burns with a facial sauna.

This device also allows the perfect dosage of essential oils when using the aromatherapy option included in most products available on the market. So this is a very interesting and important little detox ritual that it is pleasant to put in place in his beauty habits. In addition, due to its generally small size, a face sauna is very easily transportable. It’s enough to appreciate its many benefits, even when you’re on vacation or on a business trip.

Why use it?
Simply because there is no better way to prepare the face for all kinds of care. Fumigation, exercised on a regular basis, is an excellent natural treatment against premature aging of the epidermis. Apart from that, this is a simple and effective treatment in terms of hydration and detox effect.

Dry skin can hope to regain its softness and elasticity thanks to the intense hydration it will benefit from.

Oily skin can greatly decrease the excess sebum that causes it so much discomfort on a daily basis. This also includes a decrease in blackheads. These blackheads are also easier to eradicate after fumigation.

Normal to mixed skin benefits from good hydration and gentle protection against external aggression (weather, pollution, wind, cold, friction, hormonal disturbances). Fumigation can also prepare the skin for more complex treatments, scrubs or other treatments.

How to choose the best facial sauna?
How to choose your portable sauna? When investing in this type of device, it is important to make the right choice. All that is needed is to focus all his attention on four important criteria:

  • Power
  • Options
  • The ease of use
  • The price
  • Power

Power is paramount in choosing a facial sauna because it all depends on the type of skin that will receive the treatment. The more the epidermis tends to grease the power of the device. The power of a portable sauna is what determines the density of steam emanation at the time of fumigation.

Again, you have to take the time to compare the different devices on the market. The purchase of a portable sauna is still a definite investment. The little extras that need to tip the scales towards a particular facial sauna are:

A removable water container
The presence of a drip-proof nozzle
A lamp-loupe
Setting up a timer
The ability to easily adjust the temperature
The aromatherapy option
Some devices have a button that proposes to kill the bacteria present on the skin and there, we can say that the device is really at the top.

The ease of use
It may be a detail, but once faced with this device, it really has to be easy to use. Handling and settings must be instinctive. This is a relaxing treatment, it should not be a stressful time. A manual is not enough, the options and settings buttons must be easy to access, clearly visible, perfectly indicated and easy to take in hand. The device should not be too big or too small to maximize the comfort of use and handling.

The price
The average cost of a portable sauna is $129. A price that may discourage at first but it is essential to keep in mind that this treatment, once carried out in an institute, amounts to about 50. Suffice to say that at a rate of 2 or 3 times in the month, this is a very profitable vote purchase.

The benefits and benefits of facial sauna
Before the very first use, it is not easy to realize how good this type of fumigation can be. Even the touch of this soft hot steam sent delicately over the face, this has something really relaxing. A feeling of appeasement is immediately felt.

The main benefit, which everyone will appreciate, is of course the fact of having visible results from the first use. What are the results? Perfectly rehydrated skin and suddenly more supple. A clear plumped skin sensation, this treatment gives a real feeling of jouvence cure. The complexion, in fact, is logically more radiant and avoids a large number of redness by preparing the skin before a treatment.

Another strong point: the pores thus dilated are all the better prepared to receive a care cream. The cosmetic product is therefore very easy to apply and penetrates the skin more deeply.

In winter, with a facial sauna, the nasty and very unpleasant skin squid caused by the cold are no more than a bad memory. This diffuse heat and good rehydration come to take care of a face subjected to the constraints of a weather often inclement at this season.

On the contrary, in the summer, especially by the sea, the facial sauna brings all its softness and efficiency to a skin often bruised by the sun and salt. Regular fumigation is easy to avoid all those little heat pimples that you usually experience in the middle of summer.

Tips for using
First of all, you should know that the facial sauna is suitable for oily skin as well as normal, mixed and dry skin. In addition, the particles released are so fine that they cause absolutely no discomfort in the respiratory area, except in cases of a history of asthma or respiratory fragility. The purpose of this care is really immediate well-being.

There is really no perfect time to use a portable sauna. The important thing is the regularity of care.

It is possible to make a simple fumigation, based on water vapor only and the benefits are already important. However, it may be worth adding one or more essential oils to this treatment:

Tea tree
Be careful, however, this type of care is strongly discouraged for people suffering from rosacea.

In practice, you start by perfectly removing your face make-up. A thorough cleaning should be carried out so that no film interferes with the penetration of the steam. No fat, no cosmetics. Once this preparation is done, you should attach your hair and consider placing one or two bars in strategic locations so as not to be disturbed by an indelicate strand during the treatment. From there, his face is placed above the camera, at a distance of about twenty centimetres. Finally, we expose ourselves continuously to steam for an average of ten minutes.

After the treatment, it’s the perfect time to perform a gentle scrub at the face before finishing with the application of an astringent lotion. The latter helps the pores of the epidermis to tighten, simply.

Good to know:

The device should rest in a perfectly stable area and above all not afraid of moisture. It is common for a slight smell of plastic to be felt at first, but it never lasts more than two or three sessions on a new product. It should not discourage us from continuing.

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