Why you’re going to love pomegranate care

At the same time antioxidant, purifying and soothing depending on the part of the fruit used, it is an essential ingredient of cosmetic formulas.

Originally from the Middle East and the Mediterranean Basin, Grenada has been used in beauty ointments since ancient times. Today the cosmetic laboratories exploit the whole fruit, from the red-orange envelope reduced to powder and used for its astringent virtues, to its multiple grains. From these, a juice is extracted from the powerful antioxidant properties and especially the precious seed oil of pomegranate.

Able to moisturize the skin and smooth wrinkles, while activating cell renewal, it is an active choice for anti-aging formulas. Rich in Punicic acid (Omega 5), it also soothes skin inflammations, so it is also found in creams intended for sensitive skins.

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