You lost your hair? Here is How to hide your baldness smartly

The fateful loss of hair touches, sooner or later, 70% of men. A sensitive subject that often turns to obsession. However, the degarned bellboys Jude Law and Jason Statham are objects of the desire of a multitude of women. Is bald the new scalp? Guide to hairdressing to approach her baldness in complete serenity.

You have tried everything, in vain: the phenomenon is totally inevitable. Accepting it proves difficult. Rest assured, the fact of losing your hair does not mean the beginning of an era marked by loneliness and disarray; follow our hairdressing tips to better assume baldness.

The wrong good idea: let it grow

Hair loss is totally natural, both in men and women. The number of stems that leave us every day is estimated between 40 and 100. However, the phenomenon of alopecia, or accelerated fall, sometimes takes over. It usually intervenes in humans around 20 years and can lead either to a partial descaling of the scalp or to a complete baldness.

In both cases, this anxiety factor causes men to reconsider how they comb their hair, attempting to camouflage the loss of volume. The false good solution envisaged by the men somewhat overwhelmed by the events: to bet on the length. “Letting your hair grow or keeping it long is always worse, the baldness is all the more visible,” confirms Vladimir, from the barber shop Guild hairdressing.

Before taking the step, take stock of the amount of hair missing from the call. Usually, baldness begins with the development of the gulfs and the brightening of the vertex (in the jargon of the hairstyle: the Tourbillon at the top of your head).

If your hair is thick and the top of your head is not yet too scattered, cut short hair in the manner of Ben Affleck whose gulfs and vertex begin to flout.

The best idea: cut very short

If really your situation is hopeless, do not bite. Think of Jude Law, his baldness at a well advanced stage did not prevent him from being named in 2004 “sexiest man of the year” by the American magazine people.

“When the skull is really trimmed, cut very very short,” advises the hairdresser, before ensuring “it is paradoxically often the best way to camouflage”.

It’s also the proof you’re assuming. Also remember that the long Wick that you have left desperately pushing on the side of your skull and that you are struggling to tackle on your Crown does not deceive anyone.

The ball to Z

For the most extreme, the complete shaving of the skull is a good way to hide its tonsure. The American actor Bruce Willis or the sportsman Zinédine Zidane have both yielded for a long time, for the best. This Cup, if it can always be called so, is however to advise against men whose skull would present irregularities (bumps, flat parts, etc.) because they would be magnified.

Despite all this dissertation around the fact that finally being bald is not so serious, you persist in thinking that it is not for you. As you certainly know, there is no miracle treatment and although some medications can slow down the fall, they may have side effects and sometimes a potential health hazard. So we will take the side of it.

Another response to the hair loss that it turns out to be safe is the implant of new bulbs. “Clients who do not assume implants. Tremendous progress has been made at this level over the last ten years and the results are increasingly convincing, says Vladimir Vreba of Guild hairdressing. A very high cost operation (from 1500 to $7500) which will guarantee, however, to regain the hair of the beast.


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