Your hips are wide,This is how to choose your pants?


In this  case, must draw the eye other than on our hips. We avoid so Garish colors, dark colors are known to thin. It also limits the port of the pattern as the horizontal stripes, which tend to expand. At the Cup level, the ideal is a normal, neither high nor low and straight leg size. Very large cuts are to be banned, they settle the silhouette, just as avoid overlay too many layers of clothing. However, we can wear wide-leg pants (but not too) with a belt at the waist (what makes out) to give the illusion of being a little thinner. By choosing with a high waist, we lie and refines our silhouette. On the other hand, don’t wear it with big shoes. More, we opt for heels or leather boots. And if one is small, we add heels to appear more slender.

High side, we can afford the blouse as the shirt fitted if mark or not its size. To refine everything, we put on a long necklace as accessory.

Finally, you wear a pair of heels or wedges that gives the height and longer by refining the legs.

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